About Us

Originally founded in 1980, Gavarrete provides all our clients with the same top-quality service, whether it’s a public or private project involving commercial, residential or industrial construction. Because our firm has so much experience in a wide variety of fields, we’re able to operate as a single point of interaction to reduce liability and avoid timing or budgetary delays.

Review the scope of the projects we’ve handled:

  • Government projects at the municipality or county level

  • Aviation facilities

  • Healthcare and medical facilities

  • Banking facilities

  • Custom homes of all sizes

  • Educational facilities

  • Hotels, restaurants and other hospitality facilities

  • Commercial office build-outs

  • Multi-family residential

  • All types of residential construction and complexes

  • Retail of all sorts

  • Warehouse construction

If you have any questions regarding our company or our services, please contact us at 305-443-9404 today.